“Ms. Kimpson is a most anointed and skilled psychtherapist. I have grown in the last 3 years and attribute much of the change to my work with Ms. Kimpson. Top notch psychotherapy services!”      Dionne M., Brooklyn, NY "My heart was so broken, I did not believe this therapy or anything would help me.  I was wrong.  This therapy helped me become the person I am now so proud of!  I would definitely come back . . . felt total trust, which I had lost."      Eladia, O., New York, NY "To anyone looking for a Psychotherapist, I highly recommend Venée Kimpson.  As a Christian seeking out a therapist, I wanted someone who was not only a mature believer, I also wanted a professional with all the requisite licensing, certifications and practice experience. 

When I arrived at Venée's office I was numb and overwhelmed by crises that had impacted my life. By the time I left her office I felt understood, encouraged, informed and rebuilt. This pattern was repeated week after week as we tackled various areas of my past and present life.  During these sessions I noticed something very distinctive about Venée.  She had the unique ability of viewing and then plausibly with evidence, showing you how your negative experiences had also created strength, resilience and/or wisdom in you. In this way, I could see God using her to literally redeem my pain. It is the single most admirable quality I have ever encountered in a person and it left no doubt in my mind that the Lord was using her within her area of giftedness.

The valuable work that Venée has done in my life was not only powerful and transforming, it carried such stamina and force that it effects spilled over into my individual time.  I am forever grateful for how she has helped me."      Lisa N., Brooklyn, NY

“I have grown and gained so much as a child of God. Many of the sessions were nothing less than revelatory for me. The Lord uses Venée mightily.  I will continue to recommend friends, etc., to Venée.”

     Stephanie J., Brooklyn, NY

"I see myself more clearly and learning to be honest with myself, so I can be honest with God, and be set free from bondage of this world.  I am seeing my growth."

     Michelle M., Bronx, NY

"Venée's experience in the field and her walk with God created an atmosphere that was safe for me.  I needed someone to help me through the healing process and she was there every step of the way.  She was never judgmental nor critical of anything I shared with her.  I learned more about who God has created me to be than the issues of life.  Her ability to get you to dig deep is remarkable.  I loved the fact that I could pray with someone who was helping me through a rough time in my life.  God is using her in amazing ways. Thank you for what you have done for me and all those who continue to meet with you."

     L. Williams, Brooklyn, NY


“I am now able to cope with the extreme anger that I held against my husband; part of this is communicating better and finding ways to compromise when difficult situations arise.  I’m very appreciative of the outcome, because if we had not gone to Venée, our marriage would most likely have ended.” 

     G. Otero-Muñoz, Bronx, NY

"To all people looking for a Christian counselor who is helpful, kind, respectful, nonjudgmental, always there in time of crisis, Venee Kimpson is your woman.  She was there for me when I just needed a human being to talk to.  Insightful with scripture, prayer and understanding when I couldn’t see past myself.  Recommended highly to people struggling with anything or anyone."

     J. Brewington, Mount Vernon, NY

"Venée Kimpson is a woman of integrity, compassion, leadership, and faith.  With grace, patience, non-judgment, and unconditional regard, she guides her colleagues and clients to blossom into the people they aspire to become.  Ms. Kimpson has extensive experience as a clinician and clinical supervisor in the field of mental health and social services, making her a wonderful resource for those who are open to learning more about themselves and the world around them.  Ms. Kimpson is undoubtedly a visionary who seeks to empower those whom feel powerless."      K. Wright, Bronx, NY

"Ms. Kimpson you were very helpful and understanding.  Thank you for helping us with our marriage!  We have been doing great.  Jesus has touched our hearts and we are blessed." 

     J. and M. De La Cruz, Staten Island, NY

"Upon completion, we left here feeling great due to all the help and information we received.  Venee Kimpson helped to give my wife and I a whole new start with our marriage and with ourselves individually.  What an amazing experience." 

     C. and G. Friskco, New York, NY

"During my two years working with Venee Kimpson, who was both my colleague and my supervisor, I was impressed by the quality of her work.  As a therapist Ms. Kimpson is remarkable for a number of qualities:  steadfastness and clarity combined with a high level of experience and a wide base of knowledge.  What makes Ms. Kimpson even more exemplary a clinician is her true willingness to serve others.  Ms. Kimpson is a consummate professional, whose clinical instincts are equalled by her clinical skills."

     Pat C., New York, NY

“Working with Venee was always a pleasure.  Supervising our clinical team together, I could always rely on her to be thorough, organized, sensitive, caring, and make decisions that would best benefit our staff and ultimately our families whom we served.  Venee demonstrates dependable empathy and kindness toward her clients, and joins with them to meet their unique needs.  Venee has always been committed to her faith and supporting others with theirs.  Venee is an excellent clinician and human being.”

     Kyla B., New York, NY

"I had the privilege of working with Venee Kimpson for 2 years at the NY Foundling.  During our time together at the NY Foundling, Venee had a very positive impact on the clinic as well as the families she worked with.  Anyone who has worked with Venee can agree with me when I say that she is a dedicated therapist, knowledgeable supervisor, strong leader and wonderful friend. "

     Sharim S., Chicago, IL

 “. . . Venee has helped me grow both personally and professionally.  She is always caring and making sure her supervisees are comfortable with the work they are doing, but at the same time, she is not afraid to help them see and think outside the box.  Venee is a wonderful human being and has so much to offer as a friend, a supervisor, and a therapist.”


     Yu-Lung, C., Forest Hills, NY

"I have worked directly with Counselor Kimpson when she was the Program Coordinator for Children's Church at our house of worship and not only was she 'hands on', but her counseling skills extended far beyond the scope of reaching just the children; she also ministered to those who parented and were guardians over these children knowing that a biblical, holistic approach is an intergal part of connecting and restoring families and individuals."

     Former Childrens' Church Teacher:  Evelyn T., New York, NY

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